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About Us

The Vineyard at Evergreen Farm has been a state and federally licensed winery since April 2015. However, our experience in wine making goes back to about the time when founder, Chris Dues, was 16. Making wine in his parents basement, and continuing through to making wine in his own basement with his daughter, co-founder Gina Dues.

Our Wines

We are producing unique and small batches of wine just as in the past. We proudly source hand-picked fruit, which is then produced in the original style of wine making. Because no filtering is used in the process, our wines may contain small fruit solids that add to the flavor complexity of the wines. We hope you explore and enjoy many of our unique products!



Exciting events and entertainment are always present in the tasting room!


A special shout out to the Black Ninja Wine Club for all of their support, encouragement, and hard work. We couldn't have done it without you. - Chris & Gina